Firecracker Lady




"I burn my candle at both its ends,

It will not last the night.

But oh my friends and ah my foes,

It gives a lovely light."

Edna St. Vincent Millay

This tribute to Jane Hale was given to her by Ellen Gray Massey. author,  who said "I think of you in relation to this poem from Edna St. Vincent Millay."

for more  about Ellen Gray Massey, go to

"Words are a fascination which help me express my sharing with others." (Jane Hale)

Jane has been addicted to writing all her life.  She takes her inspirations from her family and friends and life that goes on around her everyday.  Her inspirations are limitless and her biggest obstacle is having enough time to write about everything she has ideas for.

One of her first loves is writing poetry.  She was introduced to poetry as a young girl by her mother.  Her mother loved to write poetry.  Jane and her mother would spend long hours working together, cooking or ironing, and reciting poetry.  From that point on, Jane has been writing poetry.  Jane is in the International Poetry Hall of Fane.   Please scroll down the below box for a poem by Jane.  For more of her poetry, please go to

Easter Mystery

Valentine's Day Mystery

Christmas Mystery

4th of July Mystery

Jane has written a series of children's books.  Her "Land" series of holiday mysteries will consist of six books and are published by Jane's own publishing company, Rainbow Publications and Toys.  The above four mysteries are currently available at bookstores and through Barnes and Noble,, or directly from Rainbow Publications and Toys (417)345-7758)

The other two books in the series are due out soon.  Look for:

Spookland - Halloween Mystery

Homeland - Thanksgiving Mystery

In addition to the books, Jane has created a line of plush companion animals called Mollycoddles.  Each plush animal relates to one of the mysteries and makes a fun and memorable companion for the children.  For more information on the books, Mollycoddles, and Rainbow Publications and Toys, please click here.

Ringo Reindeer companion to Wonderland

Rascal the Cyber Rat companion to Heartland

Cackleberrry Chick companion to Foreverland

Freddie Freedom companion to Boomland

To order books and Mollycoddles please click here

Jane has written a weekly column in the voice of her childhood for the local Buffalo, Missouri newspaper, County Courier, since the early 1990s.Jane has compiled a book from these memories which honors mothers.  This book, Every Day Is Mother's Day is now available from Skyward Publications. or click here to order directly from Jane.

Jane has also compiled a companion book, Every Day is Father's Day, published by Skyward Publishing, which is due to be on sale for Father's Day.  This is a special book, written just for fathers.  Original poems, stories, anecdotes, jokes and tributes written by Jane and a section of special tributes writen by other wirters for their fathers, will take you back to childhood days when your father was the center of your universe.Please contact Jane for more information or Skyward Publishing.


As a way to promote local writing even more, Jane is  founding member and president of Ozark Writers, Inc.  This is a not-for-profit corporation organized in the state of Missouri.  Its goal is to foster, encourage and promote writers from the Ozarks and to expose the reading public to the literature of the region.       

 The six member board are all published authors in varying types of literature.  Their works range from novels, children's books, life stories and cook books.  They also write poetry, magazine and newspaper articles and several write weekly columns for local newspapers. 

What's New!


Ozark Writers, Inc., in conjunction with Skyward Publishing has compiled a book of short stories,

all tied to the Ozarks.  The first volume, Mysteries

of the Ozarks, Volume 1,  features stories by all 6 members of Ozark Writers, Inc. as well as showcase

13 other stories.


Jane has a wonderful story titled Lucky Stiff.

"Lucky and Teka show the Bachelors Four how grave the funeral business really is when they and Teka take out a you-can-take-it-with-you insurance policy".



Mysteries of the Ozarks Vol II is scheduled to be out the summer of 2006.  Jane's short story, "Beg, Borrow, or Steal" will appear along with other mystery writers from the Ozarks.  Ellen Gray Massey is the editor.


For more information on Ozark Writers, Inc. and the other members please go to:

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Vicki Cox -

Carolyn Gray Thornton -

Betty Craker Henderson -

Shirleen Sando -



Jane was a speaker at the Heartland Writers' Guild in 2004

left to right: Evan Marshall, agent, Jane Hale, Bobbie Smith, Romance writer.

They were all speakers at the meeting.