Firecracker Lady




"Like the tiny firecracker, there's more to Jane Hale than meets the eye.  Whether the soft-spoken grandmother of ten is plunging into business or other projects, nothing stays small or quiet for long." (Vicki Cox American Profile Magazine, June 24, 2002 issue. For more about Vicki Cox, go to

The old axiom, "If you want something done, ask a busy person," is certainly true of Jane Shewmaker Hale.  She, along with her family, runs the third largest fireworks company in the country, Hale Fireworks.  She writes a series of children's books, the "Land" holiday mystery series. She owns and operates a publishing company, Rainbow Publications and Toys. Jane writes a weekly column for the Buffalo Missouri County Courier newspaper; Buffalo...As I remember it! She is the president of  the writers group, Ozark Writers, Inc. and president of the Missouri Writers Guild 2004-2005.   Jane owns and oversees  Hale Sportswear clothing store and Time Out Cafe. She is the founder and president of the DCAA Alumni group in Dallas County, Missouri, and is a wife, mother to four sons and grandmother to ten grandchildren.  These are just a few things she is involved in on a daily basis!  Her life motto is, "Why be less when you can be more!"  She has lived up to this and is still expanding her horizons every day.

Jane is a native of Buffalo, Missouri, where she still lives and works.  When her children were small. she started selling fireworks out of a roadside stand.  The business was very successful for her and today they have over 350 red and yellow tents across 5 states.  They have 200 wholesale customers and employ fourteen family members.   She and four sons are all active in the family fireworks business in five states:  Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  These businesses go under the names of DBA Rocket City Fireworks, Central Mississippi Importers, Star World Fireworks, Hale Fireworks and Rainbow Fireworks.  For more information on Hale Fireworks, please visit their web site at

Jane's family is very important to her.  Besides her immediate family, her extended family plays a big role in her life  They serve as inspiration to her in her writing and the children have been the source of her children's holiday "Land" series book plots.