When black was black and white was white and gray was grown up ways, we learned the simple, easy things, and shared the summer days.

Complete trust, undying love, blind faith to always win, promises we'd never tell, made up our life, my friend.

Now, wait, my friend.  Don't slip away.  At least before you do, a promise, just one promise, is all I ask from you.

Someday, I know I'll need you friend, when I'm alone or blue.  Will you come back and visit me?  Can I depend on you?

So close a friend, I'll never have, as childhood days again.  Strength and wisdom come sometimes remembering where you've been .

So cross your heart and hope to die.  On that we could depend.  And promise, just to be there, If I ever need a friend.

by Jane Hale for that little girl, Myra Jane Shewmaker